Thursday, April 28, 2016

Four Important Reasons To Purchase Refurbished Equipment and Parts

Buying new surplus, replacement parts and equipment is a necessary part of running a business.  It is a process that without proper preparation can be stressful, expensive and time consuming.  It is important to plan for equipment failure and the need for replacement parts sooner than later.  This will ensure that when there is equipment failure within your facility that you know where to turn to find exactly what you are looking for.  It is a good idea to look for refurbished and reconditioned equipment and parts.  Here’s why!
Cost Savings: Buying refurbished and reconditioned parts and equipment allow you to save money over having to buy new surplus.  Depending on the equipment needed, parts desired, vendor, how fast you need it and if it needs to be installed it is not uncommon to say upwards of between thirty to fifty percent off the cost of new.  The same product, the same result all at a fraction of the cost.
More Bang For Your Buck: When you purchase used, refurbished, or reconditioned equipment and parts you will find that you can often purchase a name brand piece of equipment at a lower cost.  It is the same concept as when you are purchasing clothes from a thrift shop.  The same name brand pants that would cost you one hundred dollars at the mall would cost a fraction of that when purchased at a resale shop. Those hundred dollar jeans may only cost you around forty bucks but you get the same exact thing.
Dependability: When you buy products that are reconditioned or refurbished you are purchasing a piece of equipment or part that has already had the bugs worked out.  Depending on the electrical component company that you work with the testing process is more rigorous then that of new surplus.
Environmental Sustainability: Buying refurbished and reconditioned parts and equipment allow you to do your part to sustain the health of our environment.  Buying used products that have been made new again reduces equipment waste that fills up landfills and incinerators.  Purchasing refurbished and reconditioned equates to recycling.  The benefits of recycling are plentiful.  In working to sustain the environment you conserve natural resources, reduce greenhouse emissions all while save energy and sustaining the environment for future generations.
There are many reasons to choose refurbished electrical components and reconditioned equipment over more costly, brand new equipments and parts.  Research a reputablereconditioned electrical part company to work with.  Establish a relationship with them to ensure their assistance when you are in a bind with equipment failure and in need of an immediate replacement part or piece of equipment.
J&P Electrical is a full service electrical equipment company.  At J&P, we supply contractors, end users and supply houses with new surplus, quality reconditioned and obsolete electrical equipment. Contact us today at for all of your bus plug, circuit breaker, switchboard, fuses, disconnects and more.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Benefits of Purchasing Refurbished Electrical Equipment and Parts

Perhaps one of the largest benefits of purchasing refurbished electrical components comes from the savings to individuals and business owners alike.  No matter the undertaking, be it a repair to a home appliance or industrial-grade breaker, it is in your best interest to look for the quality and cost savings in refurbished electrical components.  No matter what electrical project you take on the same rules apply; look for quality components at inexpensive rates.

No matter if you are repairing appliances within your home or industrial grade equipment it pays to find the most inexpensive, efficient product at the lowest cost to ensure a complete solution to the project at hand.  Refurbished products are the most suitable options in most circumstances involving both commercial and residential users.

Used and refurbished electrical component suppliers have been a popular resource for years.  Buyers prefer to purchase these types of electrical components not only because of cost efficiency, quality and availability to options that are often older and harder to find.

Cost Savings: Everyone is looking to buy electrical components that will get the job done without costing an arm and a leg.  Brand new parts may seem ideal but when looking at the life span and cost many find that for a real cost savings refurbished components add as much life to your equipment.

High Quality: Even if a part is new it doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to receive a high quality component.  Refurbished products go through a rigorous reconditioning process and are tested to meet and often exceed manufacturers UL certifications.

Availability: This is one of the reasons that the sale for refurbished electrical components has risen so much in recent years.  Industrial equipment is built to last.  Often times it is difficult to find suppliers that have new parts in stock for older equipment.  It is not cost effective to always upgrade a large piece of equipment and often unnecessary as the life span of the piece is far from reaching its peak.  Reconditioned electrical parts come in clutch when you find that new parts are obsolete.

Options:  When equipment goes down companies lose money.  No one wants to be in the middle of product and unable to fix their electrical equipment.  With refurbished components, users have a plethora of options at their finger tips within the refurbished electrical component industry.  Many reconditioned component suppliers will have in stock or assist you in find the part you need, at a reasonable price with immediate availability.

Companies save time and money when purchasing quality industrial electrical components that are refurbished.  At J&P Electrical Company, we sell a wide range of industrial electrical components from all major manufacturers, including bus plugs, bus duct, panel switches, disconnects, transformers, fuses, circuit breakers and more. We have two large warehouses that hold over 20,000 sq feet of new, used and obsolete electrical equipment.  We are sure to have in stock the product you need when you need it.

J&P Electrical is a full service electrical equipment company.  At J&P, we supply contractors, end users and supply houses with new surplus, quality reconditioned and obsolete electrical equipment. Contact us today at for all of your bus plug, circuit breaker, switchboard, fuses, disconnects and more.